Kid (and Adult) Friendly Protein Cookie

This post is one day late due to the fact we traveled with all three of our very little kids for the first time yesterday.  For those that do not know we have twins who turned two on St. Patrick’s Day and a one month old – needless to say travel equals taking half of … Read more

3 Ingredients That I Avoid and Why You Should Too!

These days we are all so busy as a result we rely on processed foods to meet our snack and meal needs but are we taking a real risk with our health by adding in some potentially harmful ingredients? There is a commercial for Blue Buffalo dog food where the pet owner is evaluating and … Read more

The Science Behind Garlic and What You Should be Doing to Maintain it’s Health Benefit

These days there is a month and a day to celebrate anything – April just happens to be National Garlic Month. While we can blame Bram Stoker for our association of garlic to ward off vampires; garlic has been studied and used throughout history to ward off a variety of diseases and health conditions. A … Read more