Sports Nutrition

A sound, comprehensive nutrition plan helps you to compete at optimal performance. It allows you to be stronger and faster. It supports health and prevents illness. If you’re an athlete, your body is your vehicle. It needs maintenance – and it needs FUEL. Are you filling your tank or running on empty?Proper nutrition is the key to unlock your body’s full potential as an athlete.  We can help you overcome cramping, poor fueling and hydration habits, and provide a game plan that is specific for you and your sport. 

We teach you how to fuel and hydrate, before, during and after training and competition, and how to optimize your everyday diet.   

Initial visit usually lasts 90 minutes.  In that time we will review health history, discuss your sports specific goals, body composition analysis, provide and review your starting grocery list based off your diet preferences. Following your appointment you will be emailed your personalized nutrient recommendations, digital food journaling set up to reflect your goals, and a personalized meal plan and pattern to help meet your performance goals. 

Follow up sessions usually last 30 – 60 minutes.  In that time we will review your most recent food journals and provide feedback, body composition analysis and comparison, review goals, and provide follow up education based off your performance goals. 

Cost for each session can be found here.