We all have big goals and January 1st marks the special date we set these goals.  But come the end of January some of our goals may have fallen to the wayside.  There are a couple of things I want you to think about.

Did you set too many goals?

Were your goals actually attainable?

There are several reasons why we “fall off the wagon”

No Focus – Without a well defined goal why are you putting effort into finding healthy food choices, working out, planning, etc?

No Priorities – You may have a goal but it is at the bottom of your list.  Prioritize your goal and the action steps needed to reach that goal.

No Support System – Do you have a workout buddy or a supportive spouse or friend?

No Accountability – Who is holding you accountable to your food choices and exercise regimen?  Do you have accountability to your real calorie burn during workout?

No Patience – It did not take you 21 days to put on 15# so don’t expect to lose 15# in 21 days and actually keep it off.  Sustainable weight loss occurs with a TRUE lifestyle change – not a crash diet.  Say this quote with me, “slow and steady wins the weight loss race.” Throw away the Biggest Loser mentality.

No Planning – You need to plan ahead by packing and preparing food.  OR have a plan for what you will get while out to eat by looking up the nutrition facts for the restaurant you are going to and feel confident in your healthy choice.

No Balance – Get rid of the all or nothing mentality.  Plan one cheat meal per week.  Know that you will eat cake, drink wine, have potato chips again sometime in your life BUT if you have a goal you MUST LIMIT the frequency.


1)      Don’t set too many goals / resolutions at one time.  Tackle one at a time.

2)     Set a goal at each quarter of the year not just January 1st.

3)     Set your phone or mark your calendar for April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st in the subject set a resolution or goal.