Yes, we are currently credentialed with the following insurances:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield – Networks P, S & PPO
  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • Bright Health
  • Medicare

Some out of network plans may cover part of your visit. 

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Each dietitian on staff brings a unique background. Andrea‘s background includes both exercise science and nutrition. Most dietitians are not comfortable or adequately educated on exercise and training prescription to offer this advice to patients / clients. Andrea fully believes in a balanced approach of both physical activity and proper fueling.

Payton‘s background include a psychology background partnered with nutrition.  Over the course of her studies, she fell in love with the human mind, how it works and what influences people to become who we are today. With the realization that we all eat every day and should not eat to survive, but instead to thrive.  Payton believes in combining psychology with nutrition when helping patients meet their health and wellness goals.  

See each dietitian’s bio for more information 

There are various health coaching certifications and nutritionist certificates out there making it difficult to decipher a credible source.  A registered dietitian has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in science so they have the medical background including organic chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, clinical disease management, etc. as well as counseling and culinary skills. Following graduation, registered dietitians, RDs, have to participate in a dietetic internship (like a nutrition residency) prior to sitting for their board examination. The dietetic internship includes rotations in the ICU, outpatient care, long term care, oncology (cancer), cardiology, pediatric, community, wellness, and food service. A dietitian integrates knowledge and skills related to physical, behavioral, cultural, ecological, legislative, community, and clinical aspects of human nutrition. Dietitians also must obtain 75 continuing education hours every 5 years to remain current in the field.  

The number of visits needed to address your health or nutrition/wellness concerns may vary depending on complexity and support needed. With that said, many concerns can be addressed in as few three visits. We strongly encourage a minimum of one follow-up to ensure the information obtained is being implemented into your daily life. More follow up sessions will help develop habit changes.  We also offer a maintenance package which helps address your barriers to change and find ways to navigate them for optimal results!

A dietitian specializes in helping people choose foods that support health and wellness. This can vary dramatically for each individual and even for that individual during different stages of life. We do not use a one size fits all approach nor do we prescribe any one particular diet. What works for one person may not yield the same successful results for another. Many people fear that a dietitian’s job is to take away all enjoyable foods – that is not our goal.   The goal of nutrition counseling is to help you find balance and lose the all or nothing mentality. We have all seen over-restriction leading to over-compensation. Through goal setting and habit tracking we will work with you to identify your non-negotiables for long-term results!

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Once your appointment is scheduled you will receive an email from our patient portal,  Kalix. Here you will complete all questionnaires, forms, and upload any labs or other pertinent information. 

During your session we will refer to this information and continue to take a detailed health and nutrition history – working with you to identify the why’s and what’s of your current eating habits while keeping your nutrition goals in mind.  We will help you optimize your eating habits by providing you with a customized meal plan educating you on the how, why, when, what, where, and how much aspects of your wellness plan!

A typical first visit lasts between 60 – 90 minutes and follow up visits are between 30 – 60 minutes. 

Initial Visit (90 minutes) $207
Follow Up (30 minutes) $59.50
Follow Up (60 minutes) $119
Resting Metabolic Rate Testing $60